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This site provides a complete LOCAL online advertising resource for all aspects of the estate sale and resale market in Seattle and around Puget Sound -- weekly sale and event listings as well as a directory of companies and services that are associated with this "industry in demand."

Why EstateSaleSeeker.com? A troubled economy struggles to recover. Job losses prompt foreclosures, bankruptcies and difficult decisions about personal possessions. A gracefully aging baby-boomer population eyes the benefits of downsizing. Parents with years of household accumulation are candidates for assisted living facilities. Our national conscience tells us to spend less -- or at least more wisely. Shop locally. Reduce the carbon footprint. Go green. Live sustainably.

EstateSaleSeeker.com puts all the resources at your fingertips to help make any lifestyle transition a more manageable and enjoyable experience.

Whatever your reason for finding and using EstateSaleSeeker.com, we are glad that you found us and hope you enjoy the convenience of one site that serves all needs.

We appreciate any feedback and wish you successful seeking and selling!

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